Department at a Glance


The aim of the undergraduate degree in Microbiology is to make students knowledgeable about the various basic concepts in wide ranging contexts which involve use of knowledge and skills of Microbiology. B.Sc. Microbiology is three year undergraduate programme covers wide range of basic and applied microbiology courses as well as a course of interdisciplinary nature. The course is designed to build a strong microbiology knowledge base in the student, and furthermore,acquaints the students with the applied aspects of this fascinating discipline as well. The student is thus equipped to apply the skill learnt in the programme to solving practical societal problem.


After obtaining this degree, a microbiologist may enter into the job market or opt for undertaking further higher studies in the subject. The programme offers skill enhancement courses that prepare the student for an eventual job in academia or industry,public health and play their role  as microbiologist in a useful manner contributing their role  in the development of the welfare of the society.